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Dear BHS/BUHS Alumni,

Greetings from the President


Sue Strong in Highschool

It is with a very heavy heart that I write this letter as an introduction to the 2013 graduation festivities.  Our board has worked long and hard to continue to serve the BHS/BUHS community and to keep us all connected.  However, after much soul searching and many meetings, we have decided that this will be the last Alumni Weekend that we will sponsor.   Times have changed and the connection, of most of our recent graduates, to their high school, is just not as strong as ours was and still is. Many more BUHS graduates leave the area to attend college, find jobs and make lives away and that means only occasional trips home. The loss of the parade and the ability to send an annual newsletter certainly have contributed to the situation we now find ourselves in. Attendance is down, money is in short supply and our ability to continue diminished.  It truly is time to “throw in the towel”.'


Mary T
Before you say anything, we have thought of a fall weekend instead of the one in June; the return of the annual newsletter to drum up financial support but lack the funds necessary to do so; different events that might attract the younger crowd and even trying to go back to two dances that offer two very different types of music.  But the sad truth is that it’s time to stop.  Classes that have a strong bond will continue to see each other and others will use Facebook and the technology now available to keep in touch.  I hope that you can see that we didn’t make this move without thought about what we were giving up.


So let’s make this last BHS/BUHS Alumni Weekend a humdinger!  As some of you may know, our dear friend, Mary Thereieau, died this past fall and we have dedicated June 14th and 15th in her honor.  We will hold the annual golf tournament on Saturday at the Brattleboro Country Club and will have the dance Saturday evening at the VFW.  We have lots of memorabilia that we will be giving away at both events.  You might even see a float make an appearance on Saturday.  The board is dedicated to making this a weekend to remember!  But mostly one that would make our Mary proud.


I would be remiss if I didn’t mention our board members:  Missy Galanes, Tina John, Sue Avery and Kathy  Ellor; all of whom have put in many hours on your behalf.  If you happen to see any of them be sure to thank them for their hard work.


And finally, thank you to all who have faithfully supported the Alumni Association.  Your interest and involvement have made it all worthwhile.


Sue Strong
Alumni Association President

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